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Hurry ..

December 3, 2006 1 comment

..Benny Hinn needs your money .. to buy a private jet. From Reddit.

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The Expert Mind

August 17, 2006 Leave a comment

Interesting article from Scientific American. The article summarizes studies made by psychologists on chess masters and tries to explain what expertise really means. The article is long, but was worth reading for me.

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What do you really like to read?

July 25, 2006 Leave a comment

I generally like essays by Paul Graham. He recently published an essay titled Copy What You Like. From it:

99% of people reading Ulysses are thinking “I’m reading Ulysses” as they do it. A guilty pleasure is at least a pure one. What do you read when you don’t feel up to being virtuous? What kind of book do you read and feel sad that there’s only half of it left, instead of being impressed that you’re half way through? That’s what you really like.

I definitely know the answer to this question – Calvin & Hobbes! Every time I read C&H, I feel sad that there is only a finite amount of C&H out there. 😦

What is your answer to Grahams question? What do you really like to read?

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