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Streambox TV – Frustrated

December 6, 2007 30 comments

I recently took a Streambox TV account. Since taking the account 3 days ago, I have not yet been able to watch anything on it 😦

Streambox folks say that some channels are not working and they are working on it. But from what I have seen so far, the only part working on their website is the credit card billing 🙂 I am not even able to open a ticket with them as their issue tracking system goes into a loop between pages. I should have known when they were not able to give me a preview of any of the channels before I signed up.

So if you are considering taking a new Streambox TV account here is a friendly piece of advise – wait until they are able to show a decent preview of the channels you want to watch.

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Idea Star Singer: Bad Timing?

June 24, 2007 13 comments

From Mani’s comment on my earlier post:

I am fed up of hearing the contestants saying that they were sick, had sore throat and fever, why make excuses? I feel that people making these excuses should get 50 points reduced from their total score.

I had also noticed this aspect of Idea Star Singer competition where many participants claim to have a sore throat or chest infection. It is irritating for the viewers, but I am wondering if there is another side to this proverbial coin. Monsoon rains are in full swing now in Kerala and the climate is very wet and chilly. Could it be that at least some of those people really have a sore throat.. what say?

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Sukumari as Prem Nazir’s grandmother?!

January 6, 2007 1 comment

Snippet from an televised interview with movie actress Sukumari:

Interviewer: From when did you start acting as a grandmother?
Sukumari: I don’t remember exactly when I started, but maybe since 10-15 years.
Interviewer: Have you acted as grandmother of Nazir sir?
Sukumari: Oh not, not Nazir sir! Maybe if he were alive today, I might have.


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