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Role models, my foot!

From the Sydney Morning Herald

One spectator sitting in the Bill O’Reilly stand, Craig Woodbury, said Harbhajan also spat towards the crowd after they called him “a wanker”. “He definitely made the monkey gestures and he spat towards us,” Woodbury said. “It was a bit disgraceful really, especially after what happened here in the Test match [with Symonds].

“There are a lot of young people sitting here and it was inappropriate. He is a role model to a lot of people. If he wants respect he has to treat others with respect.

“He is always going to cop it from the crowd but he is a professional sportsman and he has got to expect that.”

Am I the only one amused by Craig’s delusions? The older ones accompanying the ‘young people’ repeatedly abuse a visitor – settings up perfect role models on how to treat visitors.

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