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Finally, a book on how Haskell can be applied to ‘real-world’ problems!

Bryan O’Sullivan, Don Stewart and John Goerzen have announced a new book titled Real-World Haskell. I am very excited to hear about this new book!

As I had blogged previously, Haskell is one language I was planning to learn for quite some time. I have just completed Graham Hutton’s Programming in Haskell and I enjoyed both the book and the language. It is a great book to get one started with the language. Haskell is very different from most other languages I know that even the gentle introduction was difficult to read through. Hutton has done a very good job of explaining the language to average joes like me. I recommend it to anyone who plan to learn Haskell.

IMHO, the best way to learn any language is to actually solve problems using it, so I have started solving small problems using Haskell with lots of help from the #haskell IRC channel. The Haskell community is very helpful and polite – thank you very much, folks!

Having said that, I have quite some way to go towards using Haskell in my day-to-day programming tasks. I still have no idea how to apply Haskell in many practical situations – database programming, creating GUIs, creating web applications etc. The problems I have so far used Haskell for look contrived – strictly mathematical problems which, though stimulating to the mind, looks far detached from reality.

I am looking for the Real-World Haskell book to show me how to go about using Haskell for the programming problems I encounter in the real world.

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