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Oh boy, did you entertain?!

Brain Charles Lara batted in an international cricket match for the last time yesterday.

With him goes the last of the classical batsmen. At the presentation ceremony at the end of the match, he asked “Did I entertain?” – he must have got his answer from the huge cheer from the crowd assembled.

Lara’s farewell was unlike any other. Despite being a dead rubber, the tournament got its first full attendance. When Lara got out, not only did he get a standing ovation from the whole crowd, but also from the press box (which I am told is a rare thing). And at the end of the match, even the umpires and the match referee had the grace to shed the starched formality and take pictures with the great batsman.

Here is wishing Lara a wonderful life ahead; and thanks to the great entertainment he provided over the 17 years.

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