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Liquid Coding

Business World’s Great Places To Work 2006 survey places my employer, Tavant Technologies, at #17! Congrats to self! 😉

From their writeup on Tavant.

Who is a liquid coding champion? A crack coder at Tavant Technologies. For those who think coding is the stuff spy stories are made of, well, it is the backbone of a software programme. In any IT solutions business, when a client gives a specification for a certain programme, it seldom stays what it started out as. A good coder will keep this in mind and ensure his work is flexible from day one. That way, he doesn’t have to start all over again when the specifications change.

Liquid Coding was a programing competition held for programmers at Tavant Technologies. It is a 3-hour competition and one can pair up with another person. At the start of the first hour, you would get a set of requirements. At the end of the first hour, you get some more requirements and further some more at the end of the second hour too. Each requirement is specified as one or more executable unit tests, and they carry certain number of points based on their complexity.

The crux of the competition is to write code to match requirements under extreme time pressure, and write it in such a way that it is extensible enough when further requirements are to be implemented.

I paired with Vineeth for this competition, and we came first in the tech lead category. The experience was intense and real fun. It is one of the best prizes I have ever got; and definitely the one that I am most proud about. 🙂

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