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Well said, Rajan Bala!

Cricket is almost a religion in India – and almost every fan has strong opinions on team selection, strategy etc. Not everyone’s opinion can be respected – in fact, IMHO, the only opinions that matter are of the ones who would be held accountable for their decisions.

But of late, many people involved with cricket are too quick to question the credibility of the person who voices an opinion. Rahul Dravid, one of our finest cricketers of all time, recently had his foot firmly in his mouth when he questioned team manager Chetan Desai’s credentials.

Today I was watching a cricket discussion on NDTV, and Ajay Jadeja mentioned that cricketers themselves are the best people to know when to wind up their career. He was responding to the results of an opinion poll, which he dismissed with contempt arguing that cricketers themselves are the best judges because they have played more matches than anyone who might have participated in the polls.

Rajan Bala, who was also on show, responded with an anecdote. Neville Cardus, the peerless cricket writer, when accused by a player he had criticised of never having played the game at the highest level apparently quipped with

I have never laid an egg, but I know when one is bad.

Well said!

While I understand that not everyone’s opinion does matter, I believe that it doesn’t mean that only people who have played at the highest level can have good ideas on cricketing matters. Please let me know your thoughts.

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