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Bashar makes it to the big league!

I don’t know if this has happened before, but this is the first time I am hearing about it – a Bangladeshi cricketer’s effigy is burnt. From SuperCricket report:

Angry Bangladesh fans have burned an effigy of World Cup captain Habibul Bashar after his team fell to consecutive defeats in the Caribbean.

Bangladesh has lost 117 out of the 154 ODIs they have played since 1986. I can’t help wonder what the angry fans were doing those 115 other days! 🙂 While you amuse at the cluelessness of the unwashed masses, there is more food for thought. From Indiatimes report:

Local newspapers in Bangladesh are tearing into their captain Habibul Bashar for his lack of fitness and couple of run-outs in the competition.

“He fell short of a yard while attempting a second run when, if he was fitter, even a third run was possible,” wrote former captain Aminul Islam in a newspaper column.

Aminul played as recently as 2002, and I would have expected him to be more sensible. Bangladesh didn’t have a particularly strong team when he left active cricket, nor did they build one since. Their progress under Whatmore & Bashar is impressive. If they could get some consistency in their performances, they could shake off the minnows tag.

BTW, I don’t remember Aminul being a Jonty Rhodes in his playing days. Looks like former cricketers are the same whichever side of the border they are! 🙂

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