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Kettle calling the pot black?!

February 10, 2007 Leave a comment

Cricinfo reports that:

Pakistan’s opening batsmen Imran Nazir has been found not guilty of breaching the ICC code of conduct during his country’s ODI against South Africa at Durban on Wednesday. Both teams have also been spoken to by Chris Broad, the match referee, about their conduct.

Nazir was charged by the South Africa team management with a Level one offence, clause 1.4, which refers to “Using language that is obscene, offensive or insulting and/or the making of an obscene gesture.”

I did not watch the Pakistani innings, but the highlight do make a passing mention of the incident. But the thing that really amuses me is that South African team management actually made a complaint for anyone abusing Nell, of all people – they must be really thick skinned! 🙂 Or is it because of Broad’s reputation of being a no-nonsense high handed referee? Amusing!


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Citibank Online Banking: Useless ‘help’ message

February 3, 2007 Leave a comment

My employer banks with Citibank, and I have a Suvidha salary account with them. Today I tried to transfer some money from this account to my wife’s HDFC account. I was presented with two options – EFT or RTGS. There were “What is this?” links next to these acronymns. I did not know what these terms meant and I did not have enough information to decide which of these services was better suited for my needs; so I clicked the “What is this?” links. I got these popups.

EFT Help

RTGS Explanation

Impressively technical, but totally useless for me. RTGS looks to be faster than EFT, but I am unsure how much more pricey it is (I am assuming that the faster service would be more pricey). Also, I don’t know what max & min amounts can be transferred using these services. Instead, I have a good explanation on how the bank works with RBI to get these services working – how useful?!

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