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Palunku: Highly recommended

Yesterday we watched Blessy’s Palunku. It’s a very good movie, and I highly recommend it to all Malyalees. With three very good movies in a row, Blessy is proving to be the best active mainstream Malyalam movie director.

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  1. naveen
    February 4, 2007 at 6:54 am

    Mind blowing!!!, 8 January 2007
    Author: chakaparam from U.S.
    How do you manage your expectations before seeing Blessy’s Palunku? Of course, he has made two path breaking films, ‘Kazcha’ and ‘Thanmatra’ but does that mean he has more rolled up his sleeve? What if you expect too much and the movie turns out to be a dud? These were some thoughts that ran through my head as I went to watch the film. As the film started rolling, all of it stopped and I started to absorb each and every scene in the film. At the end, all I could say was mind blowing!!!
    Blessy has done it again… All the characters are well etched out… I loved Mammooty as Monichan, the two little girls were exceptional, Jagathy was phenomenal, and Nedumudi was as usual good, and the real surprise was actor Thambi Antony, although he appears on screen for a short time, his character lingered in my mind as I left the theatre….so did every other scene in the film… Blessy, Great Job!!! Keep it up!!!!
    Best regards,
    Naveen C

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